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comcast is a joke.........signed up in july 2010 for triple play was told we would recieve a ipod touch in oct 2010, it is now march of 2011 an NO IPOD!!!!! i get a run around everytime i call.

maybe i should call the 5 on your side guys!!! thinking direct tv may be getting some new business soon!

i just dont get why they promote their company and then fail the customers...not good business, really this from a billion dollar company! and it is the poor shleps like me that wait for it to come..i am out!

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Yes I too was duped....signed up for triple play and was told I would receive a $200 gift card. Four months later no gift card, spoke to numerous people, supervisors, etc.

and now are being told that my account is not nor was ever eligible for this promotion. What a scam...they should be ashamed of themselves...the big company that they are!

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