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Fool me once shame on me fool me twice SHAME on you.I pay my Comcast bill by credit card so I rarely review my bill for T.V. & high speed internet.

I came across a charge for modem rental. I've had my own for years. Best I could find I've been paying this charge for seven months. My first call to "customer service" I was told they could only go back 2 months.

My second call they went back 7 month but would have to have a tech verify I had my own modem. The tech did but I couldn't get my refund on my third call I hit a stone wall.

My letter to corporate president did eventually get my full refund.

So now I check my bills found that for the past five months (OK I'm not very good at bill checking)I've been charge for cable TV box's that I don't have SHAME ON THEM!! My first call has produced my refund.

Please check your COMCAST bill!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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When will Com cast stop the "NEW" cost bs. How are they not a monopoly?

Verizon does not service my area any longer, As I was rudely told to by Com cast customer service. Now they add digital TV they want to bill me 1.99 per TV in my house?

just to get cable I am already paying for? I think they are a money sucking greedy


I too recently checked my bill when a new rate increase letter came,I have standard cable. The cost for standard cable DID NOT macth any of the costs for cable service,so I called only to be told that I was"grandfathered into the original contract" which was a higher rate than any shown on the list!

Worse yet when they transmitted an analog signal I was getting HD tv, now that they have changed to digital HD is a whole new tier and will cost me more to get what I had before.

They say I was getting HD in error and it was corrected in the change over. I say people went out and bought new tvs when the broadcasters were required to transmit in digital and almost all tvs are now HD so comcast hooked everyone on HD then removed it so they could charge more for something thats already in the cable system but turned off for people who don't pay more


have had horrible customer service with comcast mutiple billing issues have paid over 600 dollars to comcast since service was installed jann 22 and it is barley april 6th no other cable is offered where I live.


ALWAYS, ALWAYS check each and every utility bill, especially phone and cable bills. In 4 years with Verizon I received 3 correct bills.

Always overcharged. Logged over 100 hours on hold or being transferred and then hung up on. My neighbor checked their bill and realized they had been paying for someone elses internet for months.

They got a refund. Now I immediately file a complaint with FCC and get quick results.

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