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Comcast will not show for scheduled appointments. They will tell you all day long that a technician will be out only to learn that the day was wasted because of waiting on someone to do what they say they are going to do.

It is terrible how they want tat money but how quick they will blow you off and lie to you just to get you off the phone. Pissed is a mild term for how I truly feel about this cable company and that is the truth. Do not miss work or change your day to wait for these people because they do not practice integrity. They will offer no refund no nothing for their lack of service but will, indeed, send you a bill on time.

They are the worse cable company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with!! Do not make the same mistake and deal with these incompetent idiots.

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I have the same problem with comcast. They say that they will be there to fix the problem, but never show up or you have to wait all day for them.

I made the worst mistake of my life by going with the triple play package and I have nothing but problem after problem. They have given me so many credits that I finally said I don't want those anymore, I just want the service I pay for. We are on old aldephia cable lines and they just want to put a piece of tape on it to fix it. This has been going on for 3 years and I'm about to dump them.

We pay $130 a month for *** service. It's sad when even the main supervisors come out and can't fix the problem. I live in Stafford, Va and they are horrible. To bad they are they only company out here, but I am SO willing to give The dish network a try even though I live in the woods.

I would even go for FIOS if we could get it.

Anything to get away from Comcast. :( We also have so many problems with our phone & I have had to complain 10 times since July 19, 2010

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