I've been a comcast customer for over 20 years, added the bundle a year ago, phone, & internet, and have been over billed each and every month. Called to correct for the first 10 months, spent time on the phone, and then said enough of calling each month to pay correct amount, and now I have a outstanding balance of $75 that is wrong.

They will not do anything to correct, or make right. Very bad customer relations, they should make it right and keep good customer, who pays alot every month for their services.

Tried to correct several times, but to no avail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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Comcast sucks


This is so true! Comcast advertises this bundle then has other hidden fee's.

So you're paying the regular price anyways.

If you have documentation that the billing has been wrong, contact the better business bureau. They WILL help you.

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