Our small business contract was with up with another phone provider, internet, and wifi. Then we met : Tierre Landrum, Comcast Senior Business Account Executive M: 281.409.1086 | F: 713.583.5763 | business.comcast.com | Tierre_Landrum@cable.comcast.com 8590 West Tidwell RD, 77040 He was very nice to get our business and promised the world from prices that would be lower and better than what we had in the last two years, referral check for Joanne that brought him over, and rarely any down time on internet.

He said he would be there every step of the way to ensure that there is a seamless transition. That was almost 4 months ago. So this is what happened the installed the cables and lines broke my water line of my business months ago I have told him 8 times already since and still no resolution and water is still all over my parking lot. The referral check he said was coming he said that it was rejected and he has no idea why ?

The bill is $313 and the service fees & taxes are $207 more than 60% and is over what I was paying. The bill was quarterly then Went monthly. And now a HOT Mess. Let's talk about this wonderful cable and internet.

On the day we needed the wifi to work for our client it was down we had to use wifi from our phones. They said it got over loaded with users. Now when the tech came there was only one user on it and it was over loaded? It was the AP access points from their third party Mojo.

They said we had to reset everything each time it went down which was 4 times that day. So again we emailed and called Tierre the lip service was I am working on it. Nothing happened for weeks. After 4 month all we gotten is issues, broke water pipes, useless service, and most of all chasing after Tierre from Comcast to do what he said he was.

Instead we get from him I don't have time for you I am on another important call I will call you later today and vanish? I had kid issues so I can't call. I don't have time but I will visit your office to talk about it and forget to do it. If you have a small business and is thinking about Comcast think twice.

I spend most of my time trying to get them to do their job rather than mine. Worse customer service and as you can tell not worth the hassle. My experience is definitely not what their Credo says!

Our Credo: "Comcast will deliver a superior experience to our customers every day. Our products will be the best and we will offer the most customer-friendly and reliable service in the market."

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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