Washington, District Of Columbia

I got the Comcast high speed internet, cable and telephone bundled together.

The order went fine. From there it was all downhill.

I had more service techs come out than anyone should have. The service was hit and miss. A tech said it was all the stuff running off the cable the more you run on it the weaker the signal. They do not tell you that when they are hawking it. Don't sell what you cannot keep up and running. I now have a dish and verizon service they have it all together and it works fine!!!

I won't go back to comcast for any reason.

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How did you get out of your contract?? we got our bundle in Nov of 2011 too and are very dissatisfied and want to go back to direct tv bundle.


shut up comcaster. comcast is a joke.. we got forced into getting these digi boxs and the channel often gets hung or becomes unavailable hours at a time :/


Reading the comcast responses reminds me of the last time I had cable decades ago. Customer service have a "take it or leave it attitude".

Comcaster#2 and Comcaster are taking the "not our fault approach" and are generally being ***. Customer service etiquette is not Comcast's strong suit.


Cable plants are designed so that you have enough singal for up to 4 outlets. When you go beyond that or alter the cable yourself or use your own equipment it changes its integrity.

You cannot compare verizon, att and dish to a system that uses Fiber Optics to broadband coax, you just cant. You can try that reinvention of the wheel but sooner or later if you want undeniable fast service and superb picture quality, you'll be back.


My Comcast internet is below DSL levels when testing the speed on the internet. Congestion management? Very poor service.


One can blame the company for consumers that split the signal so many times in their home. When you go over 4 devices you need a amplifier. Its not a matter of maintaining the services, they consumer plays a big part as well.