Douglas, Alaska
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I signed up for comcast internet only about a year ago.

I told them several times I wanted internet ONLY. My first bill was 140 dollars. I had some delux bundle they were charging me for.

Over the next several months and endless phone call I finally got them to change this to the 22 dollar a month internet only plan. Now they wanted to bill me for the time I had the delux bundle.

I refused to pay for it and finally DISCONNECTED from these slimy bastards.

I pay 10 a month more for internet service - but I am much happier dealing with a company that deals honestly with its customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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As long as we keep paying for greedy service providers and thier “bundled packages” then we will never see change for the better in the system of media delivery.. Every month you pay your cable bill your just giving the service provider more funding to controle the market and pay off people like showtime, disney, HBO, ESPN, cartoon network, nickeloden ect… to keep them from letting us get service directly.

Why not just have a competitive internet provider market for wired or wireless internet conection and at the same time let the tv networks have it’s own competitive market because a competitve market will always equal higher quality and lower cost. Wouldnt it be nice to pay 40$ a month for 100mb internet service and have an app store on your tv where you can choose to pay for this channel or that. Cable/satilite tv is dead but we are still alowing companies like concast to milk the old.

Stop being sheep and take controle of the market because if you keep buying broken *** then the *** will never change untill it benifits them. I would sell *** to if people buy it.

Ps, Some things in life just need to be left behind like the 8 track


You could just about say Comcast Customer service is virtually non-existant. You have to go thru prompts on the phone to even get to speak to someone. When you do get to speak to someone and all you are going to get is what their computer screen tells the person at the call center you are speaking to read off their screen to you .

I went to their area office to turn in a rental modem of theirs. After waiting in a long line for over 30 minutes that went out the front door and down the sidewalk, I turn in the rented item and ask for a reciept. The reciept I got mentioned nothing of the return of their equipment and the clerk Refused to sign the reciept !

I asked for the supervisor and was told there was none.

I asked for the manager and was told there was none.

Makes you wonder how much of this returned equipment is being sold out the back door since they refuse to issue a reciept for what was returned and there is no supervision in this place LOL.


Comcast is the complete worst! i had horrible experience with them and their customer service is ridiculous.

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