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Nick(Tue Sep 14 20:05:31 CDT 2010)>i can not access xtube since signing up with comcast

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Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:05:34 CDT 2010)>Hello nick_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Mabelle. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:06:04 CDT 2010)>I see here that you have a concern with not being able to access the site. I understand the trouble that this has caused you and I want you to know how sorry I am for the inconvenience, Nick . But thank you nonetheless for taking time for letting us know so we can address the cause in quickest possible way. We can take a look at the problem and work together to get this resolved by the end of our interaction.

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:07:03 CDT 2010)>i have checked and xtube is up and running but i cannot access the site since moving here and signing up with comcast internet.

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:07:37 CDT 2010)>is this site being blocked by comcast

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:07:46 CDT 2010)>I am sorry for this inconvenient,Nick.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:08:01 CDT 2010)>may I have the link that you are trying to access?

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:08:14 CDT 2010)>www.xtube.com

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:08:31 CDT 2010)>its a *** site

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:09:53 CDT 2010)>I see, to be able to assit you better, may I have the accountnumber, account name and the complete service address?

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:10:32 CDT 2010)>nick

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:11:09 CDT 2010)>I sincerely appreciate your effort for providing me with all the necessary information that I need, NIck . Please allow me a couple of minutes to verify your account.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:11:25 CDT 2010)>While waiting, let me share with you one of our FREE services. DESKTOP DOCTOR. This free, downloadable application helps keep your computer and Internet connection running smoothly. If you ever lose Internet connectivity or your email stops working in the future, Desktop Doctor remembers your original settings and will get you back to surfing in no time.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:11:43 CDT 2010)>Thanks for patiently waiting online, Nick.

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:15:40 CDT 2010)>listen this is a problem generated by your service, if we cannot get this resolved today i will bring back the upgraded service boxes and go with one of your competitors who is not trying to play net nanny like at and t dsl and dish network..

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:18:57 CDT 2010)>last week i was living in lafayette la and had cox cable and did not have a single problem with accessing site that i wanted ...so i dont understant what the problem is here...also i spent way over an hour the other evening complaining about another service that you guys added to my computer ask.com provided comcast that was put into my add on management that i finally figured out how to get off my computer.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:20:17 CDT 2010)>I am really sorry for this inconvenient, Nick.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:20:36 CDT 2010)>MaY iknow please if this the only site that you cannot access?>

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:20:56 CDT 2010)>so far it is the only one i cannot access

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:21:09 CDT 2010)>but the other sites are not *** related

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:21:33 CDT 2010)>For the site that you cannot access, actually Nick , comcast do block *** website.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:21:58 CDT 2010)>let us try to lower the security of your browser if this can resolve the issue.

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:22:27 CDT 2010)>sure

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:22:59 CDT 2010)>let me know what to do

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:23:43 CDT 2010)>Okay, may I know please what browser you are using?

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:23:55 CDT 2010)>internet explorer 8

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:25:48 CDT 2010)>Alrigth, please give me 2 seconds to provide the steps.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:28:44 CDT 2010)>thanks for waiting online.

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:29:02 CDT 2010)>Could you please click on tools tab?

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:29:13 CDT 2010)>k

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:29:48 CDT 2010)>And then on the drop downmenu clikc the internet options

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:29:53 CDT 2010)>k

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:30:34 CDT 2010)>Please click on security tab.

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:30:46 CDT 2010)>done

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:31:29 CDT 2010)>Okay were you able to lower the security?

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:32:57 CDT 2010)>no..i press customer level and it stays on medium high even after i put to medium

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:33:25 CDT 2010)>Could you please scroll it down?

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:33:34 CDT 2010)>there is no setting for low.

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:33:55 CDT 2010)>choices are high medium high and medium

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:34:20 CDT 2010)>yes that is right just scroll it down lower than usual

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:34:30 CDT 2010)>its not changing..

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:35:25 CDT 2010)>okay, could you please try to change the browser that you are using?

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:35:47 CDT 2010)>i dont have another one down loaded to my computer..

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:36:30 CDT 2010)>you can try try the to go to googlle and try to download the aothe rbrowser.

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:36:53 CDT 2010)>why would it be browser issue?

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:37:21 CDT 2010)>i didnt have a problem with cox cable with the same browser ??

nick_(Tue Sep 14 19:37:32 CDT 2010)>i can access it from my phone

Mabelle(Tue Sep 14 20:37:58 CDT 2010)>Okay, well it seems that comcast really block the site, Nick.

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The chat rep was a ***. Comcast is not blocking any websites.

I assure you, it's a computer issue.

The fact that you could access it with Cox is what's called a coincidence. Your computer isn't going to work the same every day for the rest of your life and that's not your ISP's fault.


I am on a comcast sytem in the Northeast USA area and I have never had a prob getting www.xtube.com or for that matter any other sites I have tried. I dont have any parential security on thie pc either as I dont have any kids that would use this pc. I am using win XP with all updates.

You might want to try a proxy server that will mask your IP addy and see if that works.

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