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So I have been using Comcast for a few years now and when I moved to my townhouse I used them again since I had such horrible service with Direct TV. I had originally signed up for a slower speed internet and eventually upgraded to the fastest speed they had with Blast. At one point in time in August 2013 I called to inquire about adding on TV as well and at that time we were discussing business etc and they recommended that I switch to Comcast Business because it would be just as fast if not faster and would be more reliable. Of course this sounded like a good deal so we signed on.

Now it is December and my wife and I were pondering about signing up for TV again just to watch the news etc. When I called in they told me I was being billed still for my residential account AND my business account so I was a little flustered but they said they would fix it and send a check for somewhere around 200.00. They then also transferred me to the business department and from there they said that the only thing that was showing was my residential bill. Now is when i started to get frustrated and more confused. She asked me to do the "speed" test but I couldn't because I was not home so I was supposed to call back when I got home. By now I was pretty frustrated but was willing to let them fix it for me. So I called back in to the business center.

When I was with the business center they ended up transferring me to a gentleman in the Loyalty Dept named Claudo. We spent a good 45 minutes talking on the phone. I asked him if he knew the Code of Conduct for Comcast and he said of course he did they all knew it. So I repeated it to him just to make sure. The biggest thing they are built on is TRUST......... I kindly explained to him the situation giving him the full opportunity to fix the situation so that I could just switch back to my normal residential service but that was "not possible".

So this is the breakdown of our conversation. He originally told me that he was going to look into the conversation that I had with the gentleman in August so that he could make sure they were being honest and correct the situation. As the conversation continued I told him that I don't want to leave the company but I just want my contract ended so that I could go back to residential billing with faster internet and he told me that it wasn't possible, I had signed a 12 month contract. At that point I asked him who in their right mind would go from 50mb with blast down to 10mb and pay more? It just isn't right! I told him that I was misled and that I was lied to in order to switch me over to business and that the contract was signed off a lie. Why would I pay more for less?? Noone would. From there he proceeded to get frustrated with me and constantly made sure that his voice was loud enough to drown out anything I had to say. I simply replied that this is the kind of situations that social media was made for and asked who else I could talk to. He replied that there was noone that I could talk to. This doesn't make sense to me. His name was Claudo not Brian Roberts CEO of Comcast which means there is ALWAYS someone that he reports to. I kindly let him continue telling me that there was nothing he could do UNLESS I wanted to pay my contract off. But conveniently enough I haven't been paying for my contract with the business account, I have been paying the residential price........ After he was done and I had a split second to get a word in I informed him that if he wasn't going to tell me who he reports to or give me a supervisor that I would find out online (you have to love the internet). Thats when his tones started to change and he said that he in fact COULD transfer me to a supervisor but he made notes on the account so even then there would be nothing they would be willing to do for me. And he even offered to let me talk to another person at his level. He then said he would give me a call in a day to "check up on me" to which I said was fine and in that time I would be seeking out his supervisor and making sure this phone call was recorded.

I own a business here in MN, I base it off customer service and even with a large company like Comcast you still need to treat your customers right. Do not blatantly lie to me to sell me onto a contract. And if you do get me to sign a contract BILL ME for that contract. How can it be a legitimate contract if you haven't even activated it? And if a contract is signed based off a misled lie I'm pretty sure the Attorney General might want to hear a little bit about it. That will be my next stop, the MN Attorney General and then Ill send an email or two off to the Corporate Office to see what happens.

Even after all this I am not asking for much, I simply wanted my contract voided since it wasn't even active and to switch me back to residential. Heck I would still probably sign a contract in residential to get tv. Just unbelievable.............

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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