The last 2-3 days Outlook started to misbehave and ask for my id and password during a session.

I changed the security settings several times and managed to get and send emails, but they bounced several times.

Today I got in touch with the comcast support line (phone support) and spent about 1/2 hour getting the point across that I had tried all the things that she was recommending.

The last thing I was told before I hung up in disgust was that Microsoft had acknowleged a problem with Outlook and was working on it for Comcast. I was supposed to use the internet joke mail provided by them until Microsoft got things sorted out.

I don't know for sure, but its my guess that there is absolutely no people at Microsoft working on a Outlook problem for Comcast one way or the other.

I believe that they (Comcast) are just upgrading or changing something and dont want to support or deal with the issue.

I could put up with something like " you will have email back by tomorrow or this week" but to BS me with the stuff about Microsoft working on security bugs just for comcast is just tooooo much.

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Barrie, Ontario, Canada #706254

I am having the same problem! I even called who I thought was Microsoft (They said they were) (1-888-218-1777) to help me get into my email acct.

and spent over an hr. on the phone with a rep. while he gained access to my pc and was moving the cursor around to tell me in the end that I was being hacked and for $299.00 he could fix this issue and how soon could I come up with the $?? Anyway, its been almost 2 weeks and I still can't get into my hotmail-outlook express email acct.!

I have stored all my personal info and pics in that acct.

and at this point I'm seriously losing it! :cry :upset :(


The problems are still there. We had Frontier.com up until Tuesday, and it worked fine.

Comcast.net has never worked regardless of multiple calls to them. They told me to call Microsoft, same as others note.


iYogi spent 3 hours setting up my Outlook Express as presribed by the directions from comcast and microsoft. All my settings are correct and I STILL cannot use my Outlook to send or receive emails. iYogi insists it is the SERVER and that would be Comcast.


All of this is very interesting. See my post under COMCAST STRIKES AGAIN. Interestingly enough, several days before my email went down, I received the following email from Comcast.

"Dear Comcast Customer,

We recently informed you about an upgrade for your

email experience at Comcast.net. When this upgrade is complete, you will be able to start using the SmartZone Communications Center.

At this time, the steps to upgrade your account are still in progress. We will email you when it has been completed. You can continue to use your Comcast.net email account as normal. Thank You.

Never saw the original email but could have missed it. Still no idea what the "Smart Zone" is. My guess is that this might have had something to do with my email issues!


I am having the same problem. First I had to change the outgoing port to 587 and it worked for about a week, then just quit working again - out of the blue!

Can't send any emails with Comcast. They tell me it is an Outlook issue. I doubt that, because my husband is having the exact same problem on his computer!

This doesn't just happen out of the blue for no reason. Comcast is messing with their settings!


Don't blame Outlook -- it's Comcast. I have been using the same version of Outlook, against the same Comcast e-mail account, for seven years. Never a problem -- until recently.

First, I was getting those prompts to enter my password. Not all the time, but sometimes. Then, Comcast asked me to switch my e-mail port to 587. OK, fine, if that's what they want to do, I can deal with it. But then I couldn't send any mail. I kept getting a user authentication error. Comcast told me that my Outlook account setting now required that the "this server requires authentication" box be checked off. It was never required in the past, but apparently Comcast has been changing some things on their end. I checked the box, and my e-mail problems have gone away.

Outlook had nothing to do with these problems. It was entirely due to Comcast making changes.


Are you ***? Like seriously. Outlook not working has absolutely nothing to do with comcast. At all. 0. If your internet connection is working, comcast is doing their part.

I worked for a phone company who also provided internet service. Nothing like having some dummy call in yelling at me because his Myspace isn't working.

If outlook isn't working, then they're right, it's a Microsoft issue. Just like if my Yahoo or Gmail is not working, it's a Yahoo or Google problem. Not my ISP.

Also, use something better than *** outlook. Like say, Comcast email. ;)


I too experienced the same problems with Comcast E-Mail in using Microsoft Outlook (initially the User/Password dialog box which kept popping up (mail partially working in Outlook), and then yesterday M9/29/08, no incoming mail ("can't log on to incoming mail server"). My Comcast agent told me that Microsoft's Outlook E-Mail servers were down, I told the agent that Microsoft doesn't run such servers, and that the problem was with Comcast, I was told to call Microsoft, a supervisor was to call me later (no call). Later yesterday, the E-Mail started working again, but the userr/password dialog box still pops up from time to time (so far). At least mail comes and goes between these pop ups.

I am surprised that there is not more out there on the web about this.

Does anyone know what is really behind this problem (really know, not guesses)??

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