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i have had comcast for years and years. over the past few years the bill keeps going up up and i call customer service and the montly charge is adjusted to a more reasonable level and last time i was told it is " locked in " for a year.

but as usual, the monthly charge creeps up. I am never notified. I pay online and then i see the increase on the online statement.

i am tired of caling concast and being told information that is false and i am going to dump comcast as soon as there is a viable option. and when that day arrives i will celebrate.

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Comcast has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. They give you an appointment time then change it to fit their schedule.

Have such little respect for their customers they do not even call and let you know they changed your appointment.

They raise your bill but never communicate the rate increases. It seems to me they should be held liable for the continued actions

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