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Well of course like everyone else Concast business model and practices border on extortion. For 2 years as part of my bundle my bill was quoted as approx $185.00 per month. Mind you i dont have anything extravagant.

1 TV with a HD Box. 1 TV with a HD DVR and our Bedroom TV with just a basic digital adapter on it. Standard Internet and Phone service as well. I just had HBO prior to this NEW 2 year bundle. Somehow i got this Premier

bundle without my knowledge. No biggy i'll take it. Now as of Feb 8th i was told my 2 year contract was up. So i get the bill and its now $233.00. And to top it off as of March first i'll be billed another $9.95 for

a "HD Technology Fee"...WTF is that?....Plus some of the other services are going up as well. So i figure my bill is now going to be around $250.00 or more. I dont know about you but thats a little ridiculous.

So i call of CS and see if i can get reduced somehow or moved into another lesser bundle. I dont want or need any of the pay changes. Basically was told i cant. I said but i just want HBO. Was basically told its an

all or nothing package, you cant really select the pay channels you want any more. She did suggest that i remove the $3.19 fee for Home wiring protection plan that i took......OoooooOOOOOOOooooooo. Yeah that'll help.

So in the meantime i have FIOS comming out on March 4th for install and kicking ComCrap to the curb once and for all. Of course once i return the equipment and cancel service they will be up all in my butt trying to

get me to rejoin with awesome incentives.......*** me!!!!!!......I signed up with FIOS for a 2 year contract with pretty much the same Comcast package. 1 Multiroom DVR(better than Comcast), 1 HD box and 1 basic

adapter., phone and internet. Not only did they speak English and appear to be from the USA but she was very helpful. Mind you i realize they were putting on there best face to get my service and that might

change once im a customer but none the less it was refreshing. So for all that i am now paying about $155.00 for the first year. Approx $179.00 for the 13th to 18th month due to some promotions ending and then for

the last 6 months about $195.00. To me thats ridiculous savings!!!!.Plus i get a $100.00 Visa gift card!!!...And i can add and subtract services without fees too unlike Comcast....You know i didnt want to change over.

I now have to redo everyone who has my Comcast email address. But its a smaill price to pay now. Comcast has just gotten ridiculous. I remember working for a small cable company about 20 years ago. Basic cable was

about 20 bucks and if you had all of the pay channels(HBO, Cinemax, Disney and Showtime) your bill was about 60 bucks if that........WOW, times have changed......Come on March 4rth!!!!!!!!....Buh Bye Comcrap!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Package.

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There was no way I was getting Comcast. All I wanted was internet and after finding out I had to rent a modem by the month, F that.

I did go with Verizon but even they really aren't all that good. Very slow DSL for an expensive price, but it is way better than Comcast.

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