We are not happy with our *** bill, comcast scares the heck out of every single customer they have. they must lose thousands of good solid paying customers, just because they have a very wrong and *** billing system.

They send you 5 bills a month, They charge you an entire month in advance, so your bill look's outragious, they are rude as heck when you cann them, they shut you off if you late, they charge you a just wrong fee to pay your frickin bill with a live person, they don't act freindly at all or want to help you in anyway unless your paying them in full and even then they are just rude as ***. as soon as I can I am going back to dish tv, it's cheaper by far and much better service, dish works with you if your late, dish wants your bussiness. I will keep comcast if they wise up and fix there *** billing and don't charge you a month ahead of time, also the bad attitude they all have. the modesto ca comcast needs a new management or ceo that can make the customers very happy.

soon they will be out of bus if they keep charging like they do and billing like they do. the internet tv is coming in a year that will amaze you. you will not have to buy a package deal at a horrible price just to watch the one channel you want. if they let me run the company, I would gain millions of very happy new and old customers and make comcast far more stable and wealthier.

trust me. comcast you better very fast chang a whole lot of how you do bus.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Package.

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With your communication skills you couldnt run a corner hotdog stand! Get an education before you try running a major company you clown! :roll :roll :p :p :grin :grin :grin :grin


You're calling them ***? Your title doesn't even make sense, "Very Not Smart".

You also made several spelling mistakes in your complaint. You should probably brush up on your spelling and grammar before you start making fun of other people.

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