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Where do I start? Comcast has absolutely messed up everything they could with my service and I'm still dealing with them 6 months after my cancellation.

I moved last December and scheduled Comcast to transfer my service the day after I moved in. I gave my new address and thought everything would go smoothly, I would only be without tv and Internet for 1 day, great. The install date rolls around and no one shows up, after waiting through the 2 hour period they had me scheduled for I call in and ask what happened. The gentleman on the phone tells me I must be mistaken and I've scheduled the install for the following morning. I inform him that there's no way I did as I will be at work the next day and clearly have the date and time written down on my end. Long story short, there's nothing they can do today and I have to either wait until next weekend or take time off of work to have this done. Quite upset at this point and end up with an install date a week away after some time on the phone with multiple people including the extremely rude local install manager.

My new appointment date comes and the installer shows up and informs me my current equipment won't work at the new location. He returns to his office and grabs new equipment and takes the old stuff. Everything goes fine and I'm finally up and running again. I return home that evening and flip on the tv, the used dvr he replaced my working equipment with doesn't work. I call in and they say I need to either schedule another appointment almost a week away or return the equipment to the local office and exchange it for a new one. I spend close to 2 hours in line the next day and receive a new dvr. Other than having to call twice to receive channels I should have been getting everything is great the first month.

I received my first bill and notice an equipment charge of over $400. Apparently after speaking to a csr again this is for the equipment from my last house, they never received it. This is the same equipment the installer swapped out when he did the hookup at the new place. They say I need to fax them a copy of the workorder the tech left me and they'll get it cleared up. Great, I send it in and figure everything is fine. I pay my bill minus the charge for the equipment since it should be coming off anyways. February rolls around and the equipment is still on my bill, I call again and speak to a manager, they say there's no record of my last interaction with customer support on this matter and no fax either. I give her the same info I did the last person along with the info off of the work order and she tells me it will be cleared up. I pay my bill again minus the equipment charge and hope everything works out. A couple of weeks roll by and I come home from work to find out I have no service. Call yet again and find out the charges haven't been resolved and they've cancelled my service because of it. Speak to another manager who reactivates me and promises me again that it will be taken care of. A few more weeks go by and my service is cancelled again for the same thing.

At this point I'm beyond fed up. I call in and talk to managers 3 times in the coming weeks, each promising they'll get it taken care of. I request call backs and never receive them once. At the end of April after they cut off my service yet again, I finally call and cancel everything with them. I file a complaint with the BBB and a week later receive a call from someone high up stating they've taken the charges off my account and have given me a credit of $200 for the inconvenience. Great, I'm done with Comcast, have sent their equipment in and paid off anything I owed them. I figure I'll be receiving my credit in the future and will finally not have to deal with it anymore.

2 months later a tech shows up at my house saying he's here to disconnect the cable feed and pickup my equipment. What!? My equipment that was mailed in to them? He has me sign a sheet saying that the equipment was already returned and I let him in to the back yard to verify the cable was disconnected when I switched over to another provider two months prior. I received a letter from a collection agency a few weeks later stating I owed comcast $649 for equipment and service charges. Call comcast again and they say they still don't have my equipment and that my shutoff date was July 7th, over two months after I cancelled with them. After multiple phone calls and interactions with Comcast I think everything is cleared up again and am told they located the equipment and my bill is $0. Granted I haven't received the $200 credit I was promised but I decide to cut my losses at this point.

Fast forward to now, a month and a half after this and I receive another letter from a collection agency saying I now owe Comcast $270 for service. I call yet again and am now told that this is for service from May to July. There are no managers available to talk to and I should receive a call back the next day. Nothing so far, if I don't hear from them within the next 24 hours I'll be filing another complaint with the BBB as it seems that's the only way to have things resolved with this ridiculous excuse for a company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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