I am truly at the end of my rope with COMCAST. Their deceptive billing and customer service practices are outrageous.

I have been on the phone with them for hours trying to clear up a mistake committed by them in which they changed my billing from promotional to regular before the 'one year' as was guaranteed by the Customer Loyalty Representative. Which is apparently a 'common practice'. So, when I realized this, I spoke to numerous representatives, of whom many were not located in the US, one called me a liar and informed me that 'I was a thief and needed to pay my bills'! Finally, I had a Rep to fix this from the Loyalty Dept only to have it reversed out when I had to move to SoCal area where there is no Comcast.

I tried to cancel, they didn't-someone told me that there was a song cancel, which I have no idea what that even means except for the fact that the cable stayed on without no equipment and no one living at that residence. I have emails and receipts showing I returned all of the equipment-old/new. Also, when I went into the local service center to try and receive help, my request was sent to a person named Fermin S., in the Executive Office, supposedly who addresses high level claims. We sent emails back and forth, left a few messages, but would never return my calls or take my calls at the times that we designated.

I even gave him my work phone number and my cell and kept it on me for days, however he didn't resolve anything, or even speak with me. He then had the audacity to send me an email stating that since we have not connected, that he would consider the matter resolved. I responded that it was not resolved and ask him to please contact me. I even tried to reach out to other staff in the same department, however, I was unable to.

My patience on trying to resolve this is over. Too much time and persistance has been wasted. This matter needs to be resolved, or I will seek legal assistance.

I KNOW that these shady/unfair business practices cannot just be limited to my experiences only, judging by what I've read and been told by others.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Pasadena, California

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