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comcast get your *** together, bill goes up from $191 to $214 in just a month how is this possible, something fishy is going on about these scam of a company, always increasing the bill i see why they loose customers all the time

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I’ve had no problems. Been with Xfinity for five years with no problems.


One year fter switching from Direct Tv to Xfinity, my bill started to increase monthly. What was $124 in April is now $169 monthly.

They are claiming my package was all based upon introductory prices, but that is news to me. I would have asked what the future billing would be had I known that. At NO time was I informed that the home phone and the digital preferred package would increase monthly between April and June billing.

This is fraud and it is also a very ill-advised attempt at duping customers. We need a class action.