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Caution- if you switch tom comcast phone and you already have comcast internet service, you will not be able to access you email through for up to 72 hours while they "upgrade" your smartzone account. They don't tell you this of course, but they know it is part of the process.

Today they told me to keep trying to log in for the next 72 hours until I'm able to get in. If it goes past 72 hours and I still can't access it, then call them back.

This doesn't have a huge impact since I can check it whem I am at home on my pc, but I know many people like to check their email when they are away from home - which is part of the basic internet service that we pay for. If I would have known about this ahead of time I could have planned better.

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actually you dont pay for your email service - it is a complimentary service provided to you free of chjarge - what you pay for is internet access thru 1 computer connected directly to your broadband modem. eamil is just an extra and little to no support is provided if you have issues with a free service

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