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I called Comcast to see what could be done about my monthly bill - its up to $171 - for the basic, Triple Play. The customer rep Roel on the "Online Chat" venue, was very friendly, and asked if I could wait a few minutes while pulled my account and checked available deals.

After quite some time, he returned stating he had found a Triple Play deal for $99/mo + $7/mo equipment, charge for a year and asked if that would be OK? I said yes, and asked what needed to be done to sign up. He said nothing, that he could take care of it in a few minutes, would I like to wait? So, as I waited - again for quite awhile - he processed the order.

He then came back on line and said he had something to tell me. That when he went to sign me up, he had been told the deal was no longer available, but that there was another deal $104 +$7/mo. My response was no. That he had offered me a deal at a specific price, and that I had accepted.

Anything different was Bate and Switch. There's an underlying principal of integrity, or lack thereof.

Cable companies are notorious for nickel and diming their customers, and this was no different. He made me an offer, I accepted and then he rescinded - offering me a new, more expensive deal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

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Seems to be a part of their "productivity" improvement in the Online Customer Service Dept.

Same thing happened when we tried to order the triple play.....told me the offer had expired at the same time I was reading the offer on the Comcast Website. It even said that the offer would expire....two weeks from the day I was talking to them.

Do yourself a favor and take your bill to the local Comcast Xfinity Store and they will not only honor the deal that you paid for but will give you a store discount. It seems that all the online offers can be beat by store offers and the CS people in the stores are great to work with, aren't trying to scam people.

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