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I hope comcast is reading this!!!

So i set up service in june. since that day i have had bad service! the tech did not install my modem, instead he was texting his "G mama baby mama mam thing whatever". after that the internet worked for a few (3) days.

after that i had 4mb service. i did sign up for 16mb high speed for only $90 bucks. i called about it and they gave me my 16mb back. also i do server level upload and download from home. well that lasted for 2 weeks.

then i noticed that my ip address does not resolve to my modem. a tech came out at 5 pm, i had comcast schedule the tech to out there at 6p.

i was coming home when i found that the tech came out eariler and that he cannot wait for me to get on site. i told him what need to be done. the ignorant SOB told me that he doesnt know how to log on to my home computer. i ask if he has a tech's (company's) laptop. the answer is NO. so i told him that OK go keep yourself busy be checking the line inside the home, his response... i dont know where the modem is. i told him where is was. he didnt test it. i told him, ok go to the outside box and test the line there.

well that was the end of that. well there went about a month and a half of 45+ min hold times 3 times a week. oh and the sad thing is that a few times i got voice mail. that just pissed me off!

finally i get a hold of some one friday 8/8/08 i immediately ask for a manager or floor supervisor, 30min wait. he assured me that he would have a technician out on tuesday 8/12/08 despite my unwillingness to pay for very bad and unfair service and he gave me a $20 bonus credit.

well tuesday rolls along, at work around 10am i get a call to see if i wanted the tech to come out earlier, i said no because i was at work(1 hr commute to home) the appointment was for 1p-4p. i went home at noon to be there at 1, which i was.

i wait and wait, i get a "courtesy" call at three that the tech cannot come out because of the bill issue. i explain the situation to them, basically they want me to pay 225$ for a service im not getting and they denied that i was holding for 45min at a time because they "monitor" the calls. and customer service hung up on me too!

today i am going to call someone over there that is above a floor supervisor! i have be wronged as a subscriber. i am done with comcast!!! at&t here i come!!! now i know how this person feels:

I hope comcast is reading this!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I would say screw comcast because they are ***! PLUS THEY *** LIE TO YOU!

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