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I guess Comcast has rights on any modem bought and sold through other vendors. I returned their leased modem 2 years ago, purchased a new one from Best buy and was fine for over a year.

I received a letter from Comcast this past August saying they were going to increase my bill by 8 a month for my modem. I called and of course got an India Comcast expert, who actually told me they would have to verify my modem return over two years back. I hung up, and yes they began charging me. It took over three months of phone call after phone call to get a employee with any amount of common sense to realize that WOW we #@$%%% up again.

Not but one month later out internet and cable went out. India once again to tell me it was inside my home, and i would be charged for the service call. Which was 10 days out. Then he tried to sell me service I didn't even have at the time.

2 days later, I might have gotten the same employee that helped me last time. She sent someone out next day to figure out the cable buried was bad and they had to dig up and replace. They replaced that day, but I had a cable running across my back yard for over 2 months before they showed up to bury it. There is no way a company can be this bad at everything unless they want to be.

Explain, if they play dumb, customers get frustrated after spending numerous hours and valuable time trying to fix there issues and finally give up because they cannot take the BS anymore. Comcast then can screw with billing, delay service calls and the long list of every other thing they #$%^ up, because we as customers can't have our blood pressure raised that high for fear of heart attack, so we sit back and just take it up the @@# because like our government, we are given no freedoms of speech, choice or retaliation.

I say lets take one day and get millions of people to call and cancel service and then we will see who wins the best acting award. Comcast you are the 2nd worst company ever, right behind the US government, which probably owns you and would explain everything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Store Location: Denver, Colorado

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Such a long message. You got things straightened out?


I had an almost exact situation, but this went on for almost 1 1/2 years. They were charging me for my own moden after I turned in my rented one!


I's suggest to ANYONE, to find the local Comcast service center, and go there with your equip/bill. They are friendly people and there to help their customers.

(No I DO NOT work for Comcast).

. I went to the local service center (about 15 miles away), and they did straighten out the situation.

They even went back 3 months of the renatl fee. I blame myself, I should have checked.