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My boyfriend has comcast and I live with him for many years, we agreed to disconnect it due to his extenuating circumstances and he does not want to deal with it. I went to comcast store and also called to disconnect, they ignored me simply because I was not on the account, they don't understand that I am member of household and pay the bills including comcast...

they were rude, inconsiderate and horrible customer service. Should I accept that from I company that I paid services for?!

I also reported that there is no cable services, it went out on me, they even didn't care to take a look at the problem and send a technician.

I also returned the cable box to their store, they insisted that will keep charging for the overpriced cable just because I am not on the account. Can they understand that is NO thank you for bad customer service, and comcast disregard for the customer that pays for a service that I am not satisfied with?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I know Exactly how you feel...I have asked comcast to correct my security info about 8 times now since I started with them 4 years ago and not a phone call to CS, a fax to them, an email or going to the local center works...they are so incompetent its ridiculous...funny Eric would say your English is terrible in his reply post...he probably works for them...when you call comcast their recorded messages have serious accents and when you dial 1 to speak to someone in English...you get someone who has the heaviest accent imaginable and if they hint that you speak Spanish, will start talking to you in Spanish....I dialed 1 for ENGLISH!!!


Would you like it better if anyone could just call or come into the office, give your address, and make changes to your account just by saying they live there?? maybe your boyfriend should call and add you to the account? Oh, and your English is terrible.

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