Stone Mountain, Georgia
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To many little boxes Comcast wants you to hook up. The last boxes they sent us were to keep channels they were going to eliminate unless we had these boxes.

We went right by the instructions and only 1 worked. We called comcast at the number provided, and worked with them three hours trying to make them work. They told us we would have to return the two that didn't work. The next day we got a call and told the girl what happened and she said since they had put us Thur so much trouble she would send out a tech at NO CHARGE to hook them up.

Well we got our bill and guess what... charges of $49.00 each. There were 3, but he only had to hook up 2. We called comcast and they said the supervisor would call us within 24-48 hours.

No call. We called again and was told that a supervisor would call us. They did and he said that he had to charge us for one. What?????

They are the ones who told us they were sending the tech out to FIX THEIR PRODUCT at NO CHARGE.

What out for the ripoffs people. We are changing as soon as we can.

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I cant think of any service even off air that you dont need a box. Aside from the TV's that have an off air quam reader for the HD.

There were millions like you that hated the digital transition. However now that majority are converted you do have a picture like you never did b4. You went from hundreds of dots to hundreds of lines PSI. In fact with HD now you can receive thousands of lines per square inch.

Comcast has 2 ways a SIK "self install kit" and a pro install. The SIK is free that is you installing the devices the pro install is not.....UNLESS your service drop had issue or there was a trap placed on your line that had to be removed. I dont understand why you would have needed a supervisor to allow a trouble call fee be removed. That is a standard CSR option he/she can remove depending on the circumstances.

Like all utilies cable only maintains there service drop to the home. You wouldnt expect the power company to come in a rewire your home with new electrical jacks free or the TV repair to come to your home and fix your TV for FREE. Why would expect the cable company to replace/repair your inside wiring for free?

You do pay a monthly bill that keeps increasing from the power company shouldnt they rewire a power outlet free? In fact they dont even replace your power riser off your meter you have to call an electrician for that.

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