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They are now shutting off channels that were orginally supplied in the contract. When I called to see where these channel went , guess what they have been moved into a new package you must buy.

They can tell which channels you watch alot, so thet shut them off and create a new package. This is real dishonesty at its finest. They should lose the license.

This kind of treatment of consumers can not be tolerated. Time to go back to direct TV, however they most likely all work together to create this type of trap, not hard to understand why people want and should get government control of these companies

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Package.

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FYI: Comcast and other cable providers have no clue what channels you watch, they do not track that info, only Nielsen boxes track that.

The channel line-ups are changing a lot based on what the owners of those stations are demanding from Comcast and other cable companies to pay them for access to that channel.

Some channels cost Comcast a few dollars per customer....example: if you have 80 channels and they all costed Comcast $2 each then Comcast would have to charge you $160/mo just to break even. Luckily most channels are pretty cheap and Comcast owns a lot of them (E!, NBCsports, USA, etc.) - it sucks when you lose a channel that you like but that's how it works.

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