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On March 26, 2013, I had issues with my email account. After trying to troubleshoot the problem myself, I gave up and called Comast. (Outlook kept giving me a pop-up message that the issue was with my ISP.) I called Comcast that day and asked about getting technical assistance and I was told that I’d need to call Xfinity Signature Support and talk to them. I called the number (877-480-1344) and spoke with a service representative. (I didn’t get her name.) I was told I could get support, but I’d have to sign up for a monthly plan for $14.95. I really didn’t want to do that, but she assured me I could call and cancel the service at any time and I’d be prorated the charges. I agreed and she put me through to Bill, who helped me with my issue. The issue was resolved and I later called and cancelled the service.

My bill came and I found two charges on it. One charge was for the prorated Help Desk fee and there was a second charge of $39.99. The $39.99 charge was for a “Help Desk Enrollment Fee”. This fee was never brought up during my initial call back in March. I felt it was unfair Xfinity Signature Support was assessing his charge, so I called to voice my complaint on May 23, 2013. I was on the phone for a total of 40 minutes – a combination of being transferred around and being on hold – and was told by the service rep that they needed to escalate my issue to a supervisor and that I would get a call back in 24-48 hours. I never received a return call.

On May 30, 2013, I called Xfinity Signature Support back. I told them about my issue and that nobody ever returned my phone call. The service rep I spoke to that day told me that the charge would be removed and I would not need to pay. I considered the case closed, until I got my next month’s Comcast bill. The $39.99 Help Desk Enrollment Fee was still on the bill.

On June 24, 2013, I called Xfinity Signature Support. I told them I had been told the month before that the $39.99 charge had been removed from my account. The service rep I spoke to told me the charge was still there and that the issue needed to be escalated to a supervisor and I’d receive a call back within one-two hours. I received a call back one hour later from a supervisor, but I got disconnected during the call and had to call back. I asked to speak with a supervisor (after being put on hold for 15 minutes) and was informed that they could find no record in their system of my initial call back on March 26, 2013 when I initially purchased the service. The rep told me that they would have to have a supervisor call me back in 24-48 hours. I never received a call back.

On July 3, 2013, I called Xfinity Signature Support. I spoke to a service rep named Erin and she said, according to their records, that the $39.99 Help Desk Enrollment Fee had been removed from my account. (She said there was a note in red font on her computer saying this.) She transferred me to customer service so I could get confirmation from them that I would not be charged $39.99 on my next bill. This exchange with Erin took 30 minutes. She transferred my call and I was disconnected during the transfer. I called back and got transferred to Billing. I spoke to Mark, and he said there was no record in my account about the $39.99 being removed. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me to call Comcast directly and talk to them. I called 651-222-3333 and talked to Cy. He told me that the he couldn’t help me and that I needed to talk to Xfinity Signature Support.

On July 4, 2013, I called Comcast. I explained everything that had transpired up to this point and expressed my displeasure over the run-around I’d received at Xfinity Signature Support. I was told Comcast couldn’t help, since this was an Xfinity Signature Support matter. I spoke to Giovanni, who told me to call Xfinity Signature Support. He transferred me there, but I just got caught in an endless automated loop – I think because they must have been closed for the July 4 holiday.

On July 10, 2013, I called Xfinity Signature Support and got stuck in their automated phone loop again. I called Comast and spoke to someone in billing named Sai. Sai was a HUGE help. He told me he was so sorry I had gone through everything I had. He told me that I could pay my entire balance ($174.28), which would include the $39.99 Help Desk Enrollment Fee, and that he would then credit me the $39.99 on my next bill. I agreed and made the payment. He gave me a confirmation number and was the first helpful person I spoke to in almost three months.

I think Comcast and Xfinity Signature Support have ABYSMAL customer service. I figure I spent at least four hours of my time on the phone trying to get refunded for a fee I never agreed to pay and was never informed about when I signed up for the Help Desk service. It’s extremely frustrating because Comcast is the only cable provider in my area, so I’m stuck with them. I think that because they know this, they don’t feel the need to provide decent support or take care of customers. I give Comcast a “fail”.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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Out of all the things you could complain about Comcast you are partially at fault here as well. I worked for SDC ( Signature Support).

The comment on 12/31/13 couldn't have put it any better. Comcast is an ISP which stands for an Internet Service Provider, they are not a tech support company and your expectations seem to mix the two up. If you have equipment that has hardware/software issues that could be blocking/limiting your connection its not the Internet Service Providers job to probe and fix the issue on your hardware. If they can verify that the signal to the house is good and there leased equipment is up and online there is little to nothing they can do.

When my gas clothes dryer goes out I don't call the gas company because my gas stove works just fine. So why would you call your ISP if your not getting e-mail/internet when the online light is on your modem? You could call them to see if the email servers are up and if there is any jitter/packet loss on the connection but aside from that good luck getting free tech support from your Internet Service Provider.

Your issue is a clear billing issue with SDC/XSS. Billing department was outsourced and was done by overseas people and Tech Support was done by North American techs at the time of your consult which could explain the lack of communication.

The $39.99 charge was standard and put in place for your type of calls (One use). You 4+ hours on the phone to get the $39.99 charge reversed got you a deal on a 30min consult to fix an issue that didn't have anything to do with Comcast. To speak to a legit North American tech for ~1hour is going to cost you much more than the $14.95 you owned up to. If you would have kept going on I think the bill would have been around $220 a year.

For someone who couldn't figure out how to configure an email client properly and figuring out that its something your Internet Service Provider should hold your hand through, $220 is a fair price for an unlimited service given by North American Techs that not only fix e-mail issues but take you through system optimization, virus/malware removal and diagnose and make hardware recommendations.

Instead you rather have this service that was 100% optional (and sometimes cheaper if you got lesser packages) get tacked onto EVERYONE in a watered down system that doesn't include virus/malware removal and the enjoyment of using one of the worst leased pieces of equipment ever given out by an Internet Service Provider.


Nobody works for free. Xfinity Signature Support was actually Support.Com, and that's why you had to pay extra.

Comcast makes sure that the internet coming into your home drop is solid, just like the water company makes sure that the water coming to your water meter is solid. Comcast includes support for your modem, inside your home, unlike the water company. If a pipe breaks in your yard, your faucet drips, or your toilet doesn't work that's your responsibility. You have to pay extra for a plumber, and possibly an outdoor line dig and repair or indoor parts replacement. That's how Comcast works. If anything on your side of the modem breaks, it is your responsibility, not Comcast.

Thanks to reviews and pressure from folks like this, Comcast has decided to include home wifi in the cost of service, at the same time raising rates and capping data across the board.

While used to take care of your personal router, broken browsers and other OS issues, viruses and malware and diagnose hardware issues, all for a reasonable fee provided by North American technicians working remotely so service was immediate, thanks to posts and pressure from folks like you these technicians are largely laid off now. Reviews like this put good people in the unemployment line and gave Comcast even more leverage to charge you more and further restrict your options while disguising it as an appeasement.

Comcast decided to include wifi support as long as you pay a monthly lease for a *** wireless gateway of their choice. They still do not support any of your personal equipment. They also decided to cap your monthly bandwidth.

And now you cannot get Xfinity Signature Support at any price, and is laying off people. Comcast is also mandating bandwith caps. Pony up, or get cut off on a monthly basis.

Happy yet?


Waaaaaaa, Freakin' cry babies. Get over it and pay your bill. Yopu took the chance so shut up and pay!


The same thing with me. I spent 1 hour on the phone being transferred to so many departments that couldn't help me.

I was double charged for the help desk of 39 dollars. I complained to them for four months and still they disconnected my service for a measly 39 dollars that I didn't owe them.

I finally paid it to restore my service. I AM TRYINING VERIZON.


Date: 11/8/2013. I just got of the phone with a so-called tech.

who said he has been working as a tech. since 1986; however he was completely unwilling to help me with an issue that has been going on for days.

He wasn't even willing to access my computer to understand what I was refering to; so now I don't know what to do eccept shut-down my PC until I can maybe sell it'if I can't get the help I need,being a fairly new user. Thanks for allowing me to express my greavences.


I had the same experience with Comcast, they have the worst customer service I've ever dealt with, I fill your pain, Im ready to switch my cable to an honest cable company, if other cable companys had on demand I would have left along time ago. I don't recommend Comcast to anyone.