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Comcast promises one price and you get another. It takes months to get them to admit a mistake and then one is told its all taken care of; only to have to go through the whole story again when the problem was not fixed.

I have several relatives and co-workers that have moved on to Uverse and are satisfied and pay almost half of what comcast charges for the same services. Comcast claims to be so much faster than Uverse; not so! Ive used computers on Uverse and cant tell the difference. Comcast is a ripoff and they dont care about anything but money.

Comcast customer service is a joke. I was on hold for 64 minutes and got disconnected. Many people are leaving to go to Uverse and i am headed that way myself.

Comcast is over priced and over commercialsed. If they spent half as much on customer satisfaction as they do on boasting how much better they are than Uverse they wouldnt be loseing such a large customer base.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I had to switch from Uverse to comcast and it SUCKS! I have NEVER been more dissapointed!

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