Stockton, California

Its been like months i been lagging do to the internet i even switch the modem had to go over there and get a new one because they wouldn't bring it or else they charge me, Contact a technician online they always tell you the same *** and to restart the modem but the problem is not the modem or my pc is their freaking cable they refuse to replace because they said we already had one install but supposedly i think their suppose to replace everything every time you move or set up a new connection in a new place.

Been months and still not fix my ping goes high every few secs and internet just starts to lag and stuff.

So whats the point of high speed internet paying for all this *** that doesn't work properly like it support to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Hollywood, Florida, United States #585900

Yo i have the exact same problem everything you just said in games my ping goes hella high and i have high speed internet i contacted a technician like 5 times still nothing. I even replace my modem and had to go get it or they'll charge me nothing worked this is ***!


thats because comcast is a shared network. everyone in your area is on the same coax.

the more modems on that coax the slower you go. plus your modem will drop too. why don't people get it! go with the phone co.

at least your on a dedicated two wire circuit. no one else is on it.

i know. been working for the telco for 30 years

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