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Every couple of months, Comcast will add a monthly rental or purchase to my bill. I find it usually when I go to recently watched and a movie rental is in there that I did not watch.

I go back through my monthly bills and see other movies that I have not rented or bought are on my past bills. I complained to the FCC but all that happens is the FCC refers it to Comcast and a Comcast employee reached out to me to discuss it. They say they can not do that which is BS. They control their service and can do anything.

This is the perfect way for them to make more money.

I can not prove that I did not rent or buy them so they get a way with it. Check you monthly bills and look for erroneous rentals or purchases.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Movie Rental.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Gee, how convenient. I have Comcast and have never had such issues. Then again, I've never ordered a movie (or had someone in my house order a movie) and then pretend like the company just randomly decided to add that to my bill.