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75 from Comcast. I never called to make the payment I'm not signed up for auto pay no one at Comcast can explain how this happened. I didn't have enough in my account that's why I didn't pay the bill NOW my account is 244.75 in a hole and NOONE at Comcast can help me. I've spoken to supervisors Amy a rep named Jessica and shanna I the revenue assurance dept and they are all telling me they can't help me. I will not rest until I'm reimbursed....
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JEREMY AGAIN! Jeremy, I hope maybe you read this, if you notice your password has changed it's because COMCAST is SO EFFED UP. And I didn't really read your e-mail either. After FOUR attempts, it appears that I am finally in my own account. Whatever, I'm certainly not setting up auto pay or anything, for gods sake, how often does this happen? I see where you can file a complaint with the FCC, but that looks like it's only for billing issues....
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I have made "several" attempts to access my account and EACH TIME I come to a page that says: "Yes! I want to join the millions of customers already enjoying the convenience of Comcast paperless billing." If you select cancel, you are logged out of the account which means you are FORCING customer to accept an e-Bill and I DO NOT WANT an electronic bill. I attempted to file a complaint with the send tom feedback service but IT requires you to...
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Anonymous Many companies are going this route - its is better for the environment, less expensive and more practical. Get with the times or find someplace else to get your cable.

I recently got service on march 11 2016 first bill was due April 9 paid bill got another bill saying owed another 204 which totalled my first bill for less than 30 days worth of cable @ 459 was told to make arrangements on remainder of bill called and was told to give them a post dated who gets charged 459 dollars for less than a month of service was told my service would be shut off if i didnt pay another payment in the same month...
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rollo2016 Just don't pay it.