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So I've been with Comcast since April of 2011, I signed up for their bundle package. In July I start having issues with all of my services(TV, Internet & Home Phone), during the day I'll be disconnected from all 3.

I have to call to comcast tech support and they try to help me out, but sometimes they tell me that they can't even reach my device to reset it. I've spoken with Comcast's customer service and they have sent tech to my house at least 3 or 4 times, they come here, spent an hour or two and leave without finding anything. So I'm really pissed now because Comcast had told me that while my problem is going on they'll give me $40 off every month, but as of last month somebody overt there decided that they were no longer going to credit my account, keep in mind I'm still having issues.

They want me to work with them and send them some technical test results and spend my time, but they tell me that we are not going to credit your account. Comcast still has NO IDEA of what the problem is.

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comcast what can you say? they absolutely suck *** . I pay 130 bucks a month for what I have to unplug the router/modem two or three times aday to reset it /I get 129 channels 12 religis/10 Spanish/20music/40 sports and 10 or so home shopping channels worth *** and then they shove a landline up my ass.it,s the worst company I have every had the displeasher to have to deal with in my life.and threre,s nothing I can do about it.{{Redacted}} COMCAST