Olympia, Washington
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We had Comcast cable and internet service for several months on our brand new LED/LCD 55 inch 3d TV. Things were fine until I noticed several channels not coming in and random things like on demand service not working.

We called to have a technician come out and look at it. When he started unplugging the cable he got shocked by the cable line coming out of the wall. He got his superior over and it turns out they had never grounded the cable lines when they were put in. They added a ground line without contacting our Landlord or even letting us know what they were doing.

They advised us to call an electrician when they were working on the cable but once they placed the ground line they told us that it was unnecessary and they had fixed it. The original tech then started re-hooking up all our electronics including our surround sound and playstation 3. Then reprogrammed the box and checked that the channels were coming back in, then left. We left it on for a bit and then as we prepared to leave the house we turned it off.

Upon doing so the cable box burst into flames at the back where the cable wire was connected, not at the outlet...which had a surge protector on it. All the electronics shut off and never came back on. As it turns out they were all fried. An electrician came and checked it out determining that it was not the house itself but an improper in installation of the cable.

The branch manager of the Comcast in our area came out and basically said that it was not the cable despite what the electrician said and refused to take their burned up equipment back. Then they continued to call and harass us for a non returned equipment fee even though we had begged them to come get the ***. In fact they have still not shutshut of the cable but are not charging for it. They just refuse to come back to the property all together.

They took a list of all our broken items months ago and nothing has ever come of it besides them taking us to collections for not returning equipment. They are all incompetent idiots and apparently wusses too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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CONcast Kim Edwards is a major MOMO for writing an email asking you to work off the clock w/o pay LOL ROFL LMAO Edwards & Comcast = major FAIL AWESOMESAUCE YOU=WIN


FTC hits Comcast CEO Brian Roberts with $500,000 fine. So what he makes over 30 million per year.

Brian needs to reread the Comcast code of conduct where he tells employees he will not tolerate dishonesty from us. Why is he on Obama's jobs council? He should be fired. Do as I say, not as I do.

Obama's slogan about "change you can believe in" should really be "the more things change the more they stay the same".

It's worse being an employee. At the Lynnwood, WA call center a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent an email requesting off the clock work. We are winning a class action lawsuit against them.

Our lawyers are experienced and successful at winning this kind of case and we have the evidence.

Comcast thinks that hiring a Perkins Coie lawyer will intimidate us. It just proves that they know they are going down and have a lot of money to waste.