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My Comcast cable box went bad. I was without cable for a month.

I just now called Comcast, they sent out a service repair person who replaced my bad box. They charged me $50. I could fully understand the charge if it was something wrong with my system, but it is THEIR BOX! Their equipment goes bad, I'm without cable for a period of time, they fix it.

and they CHARGE ME to do so.

I called Comcast and they will give me a $15 credit. I am really pissed, I guess that is why I am writing this.

Store Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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I am going through this right now. These boxes belong to Comcast, we rent them each month.

Mine is bad also. I have two options. I can have a Comcast Service Technician come out to replace their defective box at a cost of $60.00 to me, or go to a Comcast store and switch them out myself! I am totally amazed at the *** customer service Comcast extends to their customers.

They focus on getting new customers instead of keeping customers.

If I could get a quicker Internet service from anyone else, I would switch. Im just screwed.