Mount Rainier, Maryland

How can comcast charge me a month in advance and no prorated amount was added to my account so therefore it's like paying two months in one. Speaking to the representatives is pointless because majority of them don't speak english.

I started service on the 19th of August and my bill was due August 28th for a month in advance and on top of that no prorated amount from the start date to the end of the billing cycle was added. I just want a cable company to provide me with good service and stop all the rip offs.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Every time I change services I get REcharged the second month... So in 3 weeks my bill went from $0 to $147 then canceled cable TV to lower the bill and viola $194???????

Comcast agents are wholesale trained to call this pro rate???? But where is the applied 1st 2nd and third "Month in advance" payment application... it appears to just vanish into the fat cats wallets!!!!!! :?

:( :?

:( :? :(

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #719343

I was also charged a month advance. the sale rep.

don't know a thing. I got the phone service and wireless internet. I ask how much it would be and she told me. never mention a month in advance.

I ask would I be able to keep my same phone number and she said yes, but to use a number that she gave me for a couple of days. when the guy came out to install my service--he said no---that is my number and she should have told me. I ask her should I call my old phone and internet service to cancel.

she said no that they would do it---they did not because I had to pay one month service for my old internet service and one month for the old phone and a $25 reconnect fee for a phone that I thought was off. when I called to complained---all they could say was , she shouldn't have told me that or they didn't tell you?.

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