Nashville, Tennessee

We need over a millon customers to call in on the same day and cancel thier Comcast TV service. The Comcast stock will plunges as subscribers cancel.

Comcast will think hard when their stock plunge 25% in one day time. We the people are paying hard earn money, for them to program repeat shows. Like everyone say that, we the customers are thier slaves we are the one keeping Comcast in Business. So let come up with a program of our own, say cancel to comcast.

to see what will happen when thier stock plunges, it will only last for a week. before they do something to keep customers.

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Maybe you could try tuning to PBS, Sprout, or Nick Jr... They might have a show about spelling or grammar.


Would absolutely be one of the first in line to do this but too many people rely on the service to make it possible. I am amazed that reps are allowed to treat customers as they do.

Nothing is done and if they tell you they rep has been 'spoken to' about the matter and will be retrained? Guaranteed they have not and will not.

That is their way of shutting the customer up because they know there is NOTHING we can do about it. I am disgusted with them!

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