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To anyone who has comcast. If you cancel the service, and they come to get the digital box, make sure you get a receipt.

I had called Comcast because I was moving and they said they would send someone out to get the box. He came and took it, and Comcast tried to blame and charge me for it. They billed me, and called me serveral times to return the box. I was tired of being harassed.

The guy who came to take the box must have stolen it, because they could not trace it. I sure was not paying for a box their employee had taken.

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Sacramento, California, United States #884917

The same thing happened to me, I thought everything was fine until another technician showed up at my door to pick up the boxes. They claim to have no record of the equipment being returned, I showed the tech the form that the guy left with me and he did not sign it or leave any identifying info on it.

However, the guy had to be an employee of theirs or working with someone connected to Comcast because he had my name, address and phone number, scary to think about. They are not getting a dime for those equipment from me because they choose to hire crooks.

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