Milford, Massachusetts

I subscribed to Comcast, and is now confronted with a 25% increase in my rate. This is partially due to a package which has ended, but I have no other choice if I want internet and television coverage.

I think I am being held hostage by both Comcast and Union Place, and cannot exercise my right to choose freely. Union Place does not offer VIOS or will allow the use of Satellite dishes at the Franklin apartment locations. If Union place cannot offer an alternative, then they should negotiate a special rate with Comcast for its residences. Your "right to Choose" law is being ignored, since, I was told a year ago that VIOS would be installed, it has yet to be done.

I my opinion, Comcast is locking out competition by subsidizing Union Place in some way.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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The reason other comapnies do not come into an area already serviced by another, is because they would have to lay down their own infrastructure. They do not see this as cost effective because they now have to find enough customers to cover the expenses to make it worth while.

As a former Comcast customer I believe that any company is better than Comcast. I am lucky that my apt complex allows satalite so i went with dish network for tv and windstream for internet and bundled them. Comcast is horrible and their customer service is just as bad.

2 months after i turned in their equipment they were still calling me telling me i needed to turn the equipment in. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!


Similar situation happened to me. The best thing that I did was completely get rid of comcast.

Many wireless providers supply hot spots or thumb drives with 3g service. We chose this option and while it is just as good as Comcast, it is also cheaper.

This could be an option for you also. I know how you feel they have a monopoly where I live also.

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