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i had comcast for 4 years was very happy now my internet is at 14 mbs . for a week it has not worked or it was very slow a page took 10 min to load.

i called them other times they answered in less then 8 min a great time. now i have been calling them every day and no one piked up i cant get i touch with them waited 40 min the most every day i keep calling them i don't know how to get in touch with them no one picks up i cant believe this a such big corporation no one answers the phone

Monetary Loss: $100.

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As expected, the "Consumer Forum" webpage could "not be found". I have truly had it with Comcast as I have experienced NOTHING but one problem after the other since the "digital" change-over and the installation of the Digital set-top box and the two adapters. Immediate issues range from the audio being faster than the "lip movements" (likened to an old film) to signal issues including totally black screens, NO audio, just rectangular/square colored blocks. I might just add here that the original set-top box that came via UPS was DEFECTIVE, as I was informed by the technician. He said that they all were defective and would NOT work! Luckily he had one on his truck which he installed.

I am totally unhappy with this "change-over" as I never experienced any of these problems before. In addition, there seems to be a shortage of technicians due to the long wait (about 1 week) until someone can be sent to the home to figure out what is going on! I realize that with any endeavor of this nature, there may be bugs that need to be worked out. However, these bugs should have been resolved BEFORE allowing this equipment into the customers homes. :(

My husband and I have been Comcast customers for many years, but we are seriously considering making a change as the frustration and aggravation involved with this just is not worth it. If something is not broken, don't fix it. If an attempt to "fix" it is made, the necessary tools should be available to get the job done properly.

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