Indianapolis, Indiana
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I scheduled new service with Comcast and prior to coming out and being scheduled, my credit was ran and other personal information was verified. My schedule date was on a Sunday, the technician came out and stayed at my home for over 3 hours, towards the end he said there was a problem, that I had previous service at my address, which was a lie.

Well, the technician took his equipment and did not replace my original equipment, which he promised, I was without a phone, which is a necessity, and cable. I contacted customer service ASAP, filed numerous complaints with Comcast and no follow up. This technician took a power cord that belonged to me in his hurry to run out of my house like a coward that he is. Needlss to say I will never order this service, nor will I ever use for my business.

I will pursue this unethical business practice until all my expenses are paid.

This coward was in my home for 3 hours, ruined my carpet, screwed up my service, left me without communication over their ignorance.

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Comcast responded to my call for a slow modern service by offering me a double play package with promises of higher speed, an additional HD cable TV for a modest increase in price for new equipment rental. True enough, the first bill was fine $75, the nest bill was $250 with no explanation.

I have not paid it yet, I am angry as ***. Like everyone else I have been defrauded by this monopoly called COMCAST. Now it's even worse, they have just been approved to buy Warner Cable.

Unless something happens we're in for a big surprise.

AT&T is just as bad from my previous experience, ur I have never been scammed like I am now. I would rather grudgingly go back to AT&T


Doesn't suprise me that they ran your credit but did you ever think that maybe you are just aggrevated and it isn't true what your saying. I am betting that there was cable set up in your home but maybe under your spouses name or another family memeber and it was probably delinquent and shut off so then you called to set it up in your name.

I mean you gave it away when you said they took equipment you already had. That would have to mean you already had the svc in the house. Come on ppl please be honest here.

You need that much attention you need to lie about something. what is with the people in this country.


No surprise, Comcast has not followed up with me to date. I have filed a BBB & FCC complaint, hopefully this will get them thinking. This company has the worst customer service, I look forward to them going out of business.