Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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We are moving. We have been in the present apartment for four years.

We have had Comcast internet, television and cable in this location the entire time. We have never been late to pay. But they will not transfer our service to the new house because the people who lived there before owe them money. We will have to wait until we move to the new city then go to the Comcast office and jump through some hoops before we can get service.

This means we will be without internet, phone or TV for at least 4 days.

Why is it out fault that those people owe them money?? This is the stupidest policy I have ever heard of!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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Sorry you have to suffer for it, but you can blame all the scam artists out there who rack up bills with companies like Comcast, never pay, and then call in with a different name and SSN to start the process over again. Once a pattern of bad debt has been established at an address they will not start service for a new customer unless you provide ID and proof of residency in person in order to prevent more losses.

I'd be irritated if I was in your shoes too, but I don't really blame Comcast for this policy.

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