Memphis, Tennessee
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I had 200 something channels for 3 years that suddenly disappeared. I was told that an audit reveled that I never should have had these channels.

WTH am I paying $60 a month for? I'll tell you...a box with the option of pay per view and music channels...thats it. You tell me "for $10 a month you can have those channels back." How about no. Now during football games ESPN goes out and won't come back up.

*** comcast. Be prepared for a switch real soon. We can always take our good service to someone who will give us good service.

I pay my bill on time and have been loyal for 3 years and this is how we are repaid! Love you guys too....I mean, *** guys too!

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Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States #230519

well you got 100 channels free for 3 years you were lucky

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