Everett, Washington
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Comcast has lied for years, and I have the proof !!! The only thing that is making the company, a company are LIES.

They have been in my house over 24 times......................yes 24. The problem is not resloved. I do know it's a billion dollar corp. and it needs to answer to the customers.

BTW did you know Comcast gives there employees FREE service and they get better than the people that have to pay?

Yes we had a Comcast employee in our place, and yes he said they get free service. Must be nice to keep a LIE

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My comcast internet drops connection every 30 mins to an

hour. This has been going on for 2 years.

They have sent at

least 15 techs to my house and the last 4 were suppose to fix

a leak at the pole out side but they never showed up. Every

time i call in they make promises of fixing the issue but no

tech ever shows up. They have charged me for the 1st 2 techs last year "which they did not fix problem", charged me for mailing me new cable boxes but when the techs showed up said i didn't need them and took the boxes with them. I've had promises and rudeness when i call in " which is at least 2 to 3 times a month begging for help with these issues".

If you think about this its theft and false advertisement...Not getting what i paid for and horrible service. This doesnt even include the problems with the cable tv.