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My account # 8495 75 261 0316862

On March 3 of 2010 I made an actual switch from AT&T to Comcast Business. As I waited for application to be "approved " from February 1 of 2010 till March 3rd.

I been told that this is a time required by FCC to transfer my account from AT&T and my "800" number as well.

I had mine "800" number working for 10 days, and then… it's stop on March 12. According to Comcast employees, I never filled up an application. In mean time I have all the copies of such application and I have a transmittal records of such application been faxed to your representative. Now, TWO weeks past and "800" number still floats somewhere. In mean time customers who, are visiting mine website can not call me and feel very unsecured place the order on website with on line store, that have disconnected "800" number. Your customer reps do not call back.

I will take this issue as far as you let me to take it. It is hard to believe that in my area only one cable network provider who is not capable to make a simple application. Where is your customer service???

Alex Lvovsky

954 925 8875


Still no results. Oh! Actually, one Comcast employees told me that I SHOULD go back to AT&T to get my "800" number back and then transfer back to Comcast. Comcast is no longer able to retract that number. My questions are still same.

How did it WORK for 10(!) days?

I think this issue gets more interested on daily bases. I will forward this Email to AT&T, TV station and local State senator. Let them know how Comcast interpreted word "service".

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I had them come to install the bundle pack. internet, phone, and cable and they only brought the stuff to hook up the cable, then I had to wait a week for the other services to be hooked only to have them be 4 hours late.

Then I got a bill 2 weeks after the first installation for $150 and I had already paid $127 all for the bundle package that is $99 a month.

Almost $300 in 2 weeks? Crazy

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