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I had service installed at my residence on July 26, 2012 and a week later the service went down. I called numerous times within a three day period to have a repair tech come out but no luck. During that time period I spoke to God knows how many of the account reps who lied about someone calling back. At one point I was told that an an emergency ticket, escalated order was submitted and a sup would call the same day to dispatch a tech, never happened. Tech eventually arrived for original scheduled appointment 3 days later and I was given a $4.00 credit which I had to call in to get, it wasn't automatic, wow.........

Fast forward about 2 weeks later and service went down again due to a large truck pulling down cable wire which is now laying across the road and hanging in my neibhors yard. In the last 24 or so hours, I've spoken with account reps from Nashville, Memphis, Mexico and the Philipines and the other two or three I didn't even bother to get their locations. Keep in mind, I live in Monroe, LA, which is in the North East Louisiana. I've had account reps pretend to be sups and pass my call along to other reps, when I asked to speak to the supervisor, I was told by a rep the sup would tell me the same thing he told me, "there's no one available or a message was dispatched to my local office and someone would call me back with 1-2 hrs", never happened. I was given another escalated ticket# for the second outage and told the matter would be taken care of on the same day and a sup would call to let me know the approximate time the tech was coming, never happend.

I'm so, frustrated and pissed beyond pissed. At this point, I will discontinue my service and make sure that everyone within my sphere knows how horrible your ground reps and the lack of service available when needed. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask that your company show some semblance of customer service. tI seemed so easy for them to say, "no ones available or someone will call you back." You and your ground reps know customers are at your mercy (which none has been shown) and there's nothing any of us can do about it accept go to another provider and hope for a better experience.

It's ashame that comcast outsource jobs to other countries and not have tech available to resolve technical problems here at home.

Bet I get a billing statement ontime and you expect a to receive the payment on time too.

Since all I'm to you the Corporate Head is a Number as in are numbers for you:


Ticket # given on 8/18/12- 011374471

Ticket #given on 8/19/12-011377431

Can you say social media to spread the word on your corporate greed and *** poor service.....shame on you but i'm sure the big wigs don't give a hot *** because if you lose a few customer, you still make millions by outsourcing to low wage countries.

Nancy W.

707 373-0205


not holding my breath for a return email or call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Just adding to the complaint of lousy service by Comcast. It appears that in Alexandria, VA (near Reagan National Airport)Comcast has a monopoly on internet service since Verizon does not have FIOS in Alexandria, Verizon internet service is even worse connection.

I hope more people complain so they do something about it. COMCAST has bad internet connection in Alexandria, VA 22305 zip code

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