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Comcast charges from when you receive the digital adapters(& this is NEVER disclosed), and not when they are activated, even tho you must call or go online to activate. They SAY that they have no way of knowing when you activate, which is simply a crock, or why would you have to call,etc.???

Comcast charges delivery service for digital adapters unless you call to have them removed even tho the person who called to asked if we wanted them said that there would be no delivery charges.

My particulular distain for billing department robot M who then can't believe it when you get angry and raise your voice.

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hey cld2024 .. you're an ***.

you get the first two for free if you have any more past that amount you then pay a leasing fee. you don't like it.. go pay for them out of pocket.

its funny how comcast is blamed for complying with fcc regulations.. talk about don't shoot the messenger.


Situation resolved by Supervisor Cheryl in Pgh., Pa Thank so much for your help.

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