Deceptive Billing Practices and altering accounts | Comcast in Denver, Colorado

I am continually having a problem with someone going into my account and making unauthorized changes then getting billed for the changes. I contact the customer service and they give me all kinds of excuses then promise things like free HBO for life and reductions in my bill for my trouble and then next month it is all screwed up again and there is no record of what the previous representative promised. I try to get resolutions and am constantly being lied to and given false promises and then no one is ever accountable. My bill has gone from a two year package of $89.00 a month to $133.00 a month. I am offered free services and then the following month I am charges for the Services that were supposed to be given to me for free. I had an original contract that included free HBO for the length of the contract and then after three months I was charged for the HBO.. I have it in writing and when I went to the office that person no longer works there and the contract is not honored. The most recent problem is with the Web page and the TV listings which no longer exists because some *** thinks that It should only be for watching on a computer...I no longer can set preferences, choose my favorites or acces My Channels. I can no longer change the tv with my laptop and when I go to the listings page it freezes my browser and takes forever to load the listings. I click on the tv icon and it brings up Live tv that only allows viewing from my laptop. the watch on tv option is no longer available. The person Responsible for screwing up the web page should be fired and sent to collect used diapers somewhere because he or she has not improved the experience in any way...JUST SCREWED IT UP! It is clear that Comcast has no interest in giving their customers a user friendly experience and I will eat my shorts if anyone responds to this complaint with any meaningful response....COMCAST....YOU PEOPLE SUCK!
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Comcast Tv Package
  • Disregard for their customers
  • Being ignored over and over
  • Hang up on me
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution
  • comcast suck

Comcast and the disappearing customer

First came the "Upgrades" to their network that removed 50% of the TV channels we typically watched, then came the increased rates for the programming that remained (not much, just enough for me to go "hey, didn't they just REDUCE my offerings???"), and then just a bit more of an increase, then they moved the channels from the "normal" numbering and forced you to use a box or have all your channels on 81.8 or 82.13 or other bizarre channels, and FINALLY, without any warning at all, they move just one final channel away from my basic package and POOF! this customer disappears! I don't know why I didn't go out and buy an antenna a year ago...
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Comcast Tv Package