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If you don't realize this you prepay for cable so they should not be able to haave late fees for something you haven't even got.

This company lost my check sent out someone to shut off my cable with a $25.00fee so we paid out the bill that day on a check card and put a stop payment on the lost check $32.00 FEE we had a extra month prepaid taken out of our check card not by choice. 60.00 Cancelled the sevice after a year of putting up with raising rates and cutting 10% of service do to new line up (a.k.a. want the chanels upgrade we want your money not your buisness)

meanwhile I checked my checking accout to make sure that the top payment check would not appear shore enough they tried to cash the check after I told them that i put a stop payment on it and don't try to cash it a day befor the actuall invoice was to be sent out for shut off. they inform that date is to give the service man time to go and shut off.

it gets better they add 20 dollars to the actual check why I have yet to find out now I still have 25 days of returning fee which I will not receive because the served me a 20.00 fee for returned check which they think should be theirs and my account was still overdrawn 3.00 dollars why the only gave me half a months credit for keeping the cable on for 3 extra days expensive lesson

And the moral is cancel any service to comcast before you get yours

Monetary Loss: $100.

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they suddenly charged us for a starter kit and we had cancelled ALL cable with them 2 months prior. we do NOT have a "starter kit" in our house.

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