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Unrelated to the storm- my cable (internet & tv) went out in August - it took them 5 days to get someone out to fix it. Funny thing was I could get the guide on tv but no pictures. The technician told me it was some sort of problem only on my line. I was promised a credit for the days I was without service over 2 months since the incident I am still trying to get the credit.

Related to the storm - I called when I got power because my internet was out and my TV was doing the same thing as in August - guide but no picture. I suspect that whatever the tech did in August is broken again as my neighbors all had their services (comcast/at&t etc) running including one who told me his cable never went out even in the storm. I called comcast & they wouldn't come fix my service because there was an "outage in the area". Not sure what area they mean since it was just my house.

Called a couple of days later & convinced the CS dept it was just my house - no other reports were coming in from my neighborhood. So service was scheduled - NO ONE SHOWED UP & NO ONE CALLED TO CANCEL. Service was rescheduled and ONCE AGAIN today no one showed up & no one cancelled.

Comcast is able to run their business like this because there is no other cable internet provider.

Get this - I tried to cancel my service today but if I do they will only give me credit for the outage up until the 24th and they will bill me for service from the 24th til today - no matter that I still do not have service.

I am trying to find out who I report this to - there has to be a federal or state agency that handles a business saying that they will charge you for services NOT received.

I am posting this everywhere I can - we all need to report this to the state.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $152.

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Went thru some problem a bit like that

w/ comcast myself.

Here is what I did-215 665 1700 is the

number for HQ in PA. Call that number

and speak (don't EVER take no for

an answer-regardless-) and DEMAND

follow up.

I try to settle things myself, but at times

I must get people to do what they are

hired to do........work for a living!

You will get results.

Good Luck!