Comcast has now forbidden me to fast forward while watching an on demand movie. I pay extra for this service and now has limited my features without refunding me for it.

Honestly, between the poor service and now limiting my features I've just about had it with them. Seems every month more and more advertisements pop-up during the movie so that it interferes with the picture. Every month there's more commercials interrupting your program/movie.

There should be some kind of legal control to prevent a monopoly company from manipulating customers service without consent. Honestly, I have never been more sincere, CLH

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Troy, Michigan, United States #682442

First of all, On Demand is a free service and you're not paying extra anything for it. I'm a former Comcast customer servicr rep.

Look on your bill genius and you won't see any charge for On Demand or Fast Forwarding. What you need to do is read. Not all programs can be fast fast forwarded. When you watch certain programs it'll say, this programs fast forwarding feature is disabled.

Its the networks decision as to whether a program canbe fast forwarded in On Demand, not Comcast.

I'm so glad.I don't work for Comcast anymore. I use to hate when nut cases like you would call in all irate b/c of their own stupidity.

University Park, Texas, United States #655949

Lol on demand is a free service! You don't pay anything for it! Stop crying!

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