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I couldn't believe it either but sure enough if you try to call my original number you will see that is in fact what happened. As of now I am on the phone with the call center supervisor because he is in dis-belief that this could happen. Good news is he said he would try to get my original phone number back today.

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chat id: 347ad1e3-bc53-4673-*e35-35b1aab36966 Fermin > Hello Hever, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Fermin.

Please give me one moment to review your information. Fermin > I will be more than glad to do the best I can to assist you today. I hope your day is doing just fine. Fermin > I can certainly understand the inconvenience this has caused you.

Let’s see what is going on with your phone line and get this fixed for you. Hever > This is Linda Chavez, I have a dial tone however when people call my number it says that it is not connected Fermin > I totally understand the trouble this has caused you, let me isolate the issue and fix this for you. Hever > We are sorry The number you are calling can not receive calls at this time please try your call again later. I work from home This is Monday morning, I have clients trying to reach me.

Fermin > Do you have two Comcast phone lines? Hever > no I have 1 line Fermin > Thank you. Fermin > And that line has fax machine connected, right? Hever > yes the line goes from the modem to my fax machine then from my fax machine to the phone.

Fermin > Thank you for that. Fermin > At this point, I need your cooperation so I can isolate the issue. Hever > whatever you need me to do I will do just please get this fixed. Fermin > Can you please unplug the fax from the modem and connect the phone directly to the modem.

Hever > sure Fermin > Thanks! Hever > done Fermin > Thanks. Fermin > Do you have alternate phone to try to call your Comcast phone number? Hever > I just did.

Same message Hever > Is my service interrupted? My internet works fine. Fermin > Thank you. Fermin > I can't confirm it yet.

Hever > I just started service with Comcast/Xfinity last Tuesday I haven't even received a bill yet Fermin > Let me check the settings in our system. Fermin > Please leave the phone connected to the modem directly while the fax machine is unplugged Hever > ok Fermin > Yes, I can connect you to our billing team for your billing inquiry after this problem Fermin > Thanks Fermin > Can I please have your Comcast phone number and alternate phone number? Hever > comcast- 206-653-**** Hever > alternate - 253-670-**** Hever > Have I lost you Fermin? Fermin > No, you are still with me Fermin > Thank you for that information!

Fermin > I am going to perform a diagnostic check of your services & equipment. This "Health Check" verifies the current status of your equipment and your services. It should only take a minute or two for the results. Hever > thank you Fermin > You're welcome!

Fermin > While waiting, you can open this link for your future reference if you will encounter Comcast phone issue http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/phone Fermin > Thank you for patiently waiting. Fermin > I can see that there is an error with your phone settings here in our system. Fermin > I need to reset and refresh your phone line and equiptment settings here in our system to fix the phone error. This process will take 8-10 minutes of your time.

Will that be fine with you? Hever > That's fine I need to place a phone call on my alternate phone. I have clients trying to contact me. Monday is my busiest day.

I will be here Fermin. Do what you need to to fix this please. Fermin > Thank you. Fermin > I just want to advise you that during this process, your connection will be interrupted temporarily, and will then be reconnected immediately.

Fermin > Please stay in chat. Hever > I will be here Fermin > Thank you for patiently waiting. Hever > hello Fermin > I am done with the process now. Fermin > Can you please try to call your Comcast phone.

Hever > same message Fermin. Fermin > But you can make an outgoing call, right? Hever > I am still not able to call me phone and I just tried my Reginal Supervisors phone also Hever > me= my Hever > yes but it shows up from a different number. Did Comcast change my phone number without asking me?

Hever > That is HIGHLY unacceptable. I just ordered 500 cards, stationary, and paid for my professional listing with the other phone number. Hever > the incoming number shows as 206-592- **** This is not my number what is going on with Comcast Fermin? Fermin > Oh, I got the issue now Fermin > Yes, that is the one registered here in our system Hever > No my phone number is 206-653-****.

Fermin > I got the issue now. Fermin > Is that a number from other phone provider or originally from Comcast? Hever > comcast on Tuesday Fermin > What do you mean by Comcast on Tuesday? Hever > can you please call me Fermin > Alright Fermin > Thank you for taking my call Fermin > Is there anything else that I can assist you with before I transfer you to the billing department?

Hever > Thank you for calling. No Fermin you have been extremely helpful. Thank you Fermin > You are most welcome! Fermin > Please stay connected to the chat for the next available representative.

Thank you for choosing Comcast for your entertainment needs. Fermin > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst Hever > My Issue: I want you fix my phone. no work phone now for fax. you talkin please my wife Cindy > Our goal is to provide you with a consistently superior customer experience – that’s our guarantee.

I hope your day is well. Hever > Cindy my day is.... interesting Cindy > Oh! All right.

Cindy > I understand that you would like to know the balance you have on the account, correct? Hever > No I want comcast to credit my account 1 month for all of the errors commited and for the loss I am facing due to the fact the comcast changed my phone number without my knowing and more importantly without my permission Hever > Also for the fact that I set up service on Tuesday February 26th for home phone and internet and then spent the 5 days trying to make this service work correctly. Sunday ( yesterday) we finally got the internet working and now my phone number is changed. Hever > I ordered 500 business cards, stationary, internet professional listing, Signs, and brochures all stating the original number that Comcast gave me which they then changed without my permission Hever > Now I am told to receive my old number again ( which I never changed in the first place I will have to wait 48 hours which is 3 business days lost at a rate of $624.

Due to the fact that if anyone tries to phone me on the Original number it says that it is no longer in service Hever > I think that about sums up my day so far Cindy. Hever > ARE YOU THERE? Cindy > Yes. I'm here.

Hever > I think 1 month credit is more than fair don't you? Cindy > For the integrity and protection of your account, please verify the full Comcast account number. Hever >**************** Cindy > Thank you for verifying. Hever > You are Welcome.

Cindy > May I please have 3-4 minuted to review on the account? Hever > yes please do. Cindy > Thank you. Hever > who is here?

Hever > hello Cindy > Thank you for patiently waiting. Hever > hello Cindy > I'm here. Hever > I am looking on a consumer advocacy forum and I see that this is not a new problem for Comcast Hever > Are you still attempting to access my account or have you escalated this to a supervisor? Cindy > I am still reviewing on the account, Hever.

Cindy > Please bare with me. Hever > Is there information I can help you with so that we can move forward on this issue? Cindy > May I ask if you happen to know the phone number that you mentioned that was changed without your permission? Hever > I original number given on Tuesday Feb 26th -- 206-653-**** Hever > number worked yesterday.

This morning as you see from the above chat my number was changed to 206-592-**** Cindy > Thank you for the additional information. Hever > Cindy what is going on Cindy > I am referring to the notes from the previous interactions that you had. Hever > Oh you will be there all day. Hever > I just want comcast to admit they made a mistake and make it right.

I will not get the hundreds of dollars I have spent on business materials back. I will have to re-order supplies with the new number on them. The VERY LEAST they can do is admit fault and pay for the first month of my service. This needs to be done in a timely manner.

I do not have all day to wait Hever > 1 hour on CHAT this problem should have already been resolved. Cindy > My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you, Hever. Cindy > I understand that you would like to have credits for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Hever > yes I want 1 free month.

Cindy > I can see here on the account that there is still an order that's not completed yet. Hever > I do not understand. I apparently have phone and internet although not the number I originally had. Hever > I have only ordered service 1 time.

Hever > at the Xfinity store. Hever > every other call has been to make the service I ordered work correctly Cindy > Oh! All right. Cindy > Just to confirm, your concern regarding the phone number for your phone service is already fixed, correct?

Hever > NO Hever > sorry had caps on.. No it is not fixed they are wanting me to wait 48 MORE hours to receive the phone number this is not acceptable. Cindy > Thank you for the information. Cindy > Hever, it would not be possible to have the service free for 1 month.

Hever > Then Xfinity should pay for the materials I purchased. The total is $548.11. Where should I send the receipts to? Please send me your A/P address.

Cindy > If I may suggest, please do call 1-80*-******* or you may visit the service center for this matter. Cindy > I have already placed noted on the account for your concern today. Hever > Thank you Cindy I will call them.

I will also post this on conversation on the consumer advocacy forum and send a copy to the attorney I am hiring. Have a wonderful day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $1155.

Location: Auburn, Washington

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