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I called to cancel service, asked if I was going to another provider, "yes, more services LESS MONEY!" Well, we can reduce your cost - really, you've had 5 yrs to do it, why wait until I'm leaving?? Sent a box for equipment to be returned, was supposed to have return postage, did not, cost $12 to send back.

Within the week a COLLECTION AGENCY started calling and has called THREE TIMES despite giving them the tracking number on first call. Just talked to NON-Customer Support - it takes up to FORTY FIVE, yes 45, DAYS for the equipment to be tracked and processed once received!!! Then why is a collection company calling me when I've told you (idiots) and the company "here's the tracking number, shows was delivered TWO WEEKS AGO!?!?" "I'm sorry ma'am, it takes up to 45 days to process..." Then tell those people to STOP CALLING ME IF YOUR PROCESS IS THE HOLD UP!!! DESPISE THIS COMPANY!!

If there are other options, go with them...HORRIBLE!! Cost of postage and TWO HOURS OF MY TIME.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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