was told by comcast rep my bundle for land line and internet would be 50 a month . then charged me 88 fo r instalaation i would get back in 3 moths , then got my first bill which was 157.01 100 instalation charge again and rest for internet and phone .

then a week later was called and told my new rate would be 88 a month, which i already got cabe installed, i'm on a budget and did not agree to this ,, so rep ray martinez said i would get better mgb with att 300m instead of xfinity but could keep my phone... never in my life have i ever been scammed by comcast. and it is 1800-comcast that put me thru this, i have detailed notes , name case numbers, account number and dates this has happened. and on top of all that xfinity is still trying to charge me 76.00 for a half moth .

talked to supervier tracy and said shed call eme back and also lyied never did.

so i 'm and going tp channel 7 and 2 two see what they will get told,,,... also explaining this problem to facebook, twitter ,nest door, any one who will listen , so this does not happenagain to the stupid cusumer believing in a big corporation of xfinityevernever


Location: New Baltimore, Michigan

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